41 years of consecutive surplus

SUN-AIR strengthens its Corporate Identity and delivers 41 years of consecutive surplus in the financial statements.

SUN-AIR is proud to present its 41st financial statement with positive figures. It in itself is quite an accomplishment in today's aviation industry which is pressured by fierce competition. In 2018 SUN-AIR developed a new Corporate Identity, the SUN-AIR Aviation Group and revealed a new strategy plan.

“SUN-AIR's financial year 2017/18 is acceptable, considering the current conditions in the industry. The result is a visible proof that our strategy of having different business entities in the aviation industry has borne fruit,” explains CEO Kristoffer Sundberg, who presents a net turnover of DKK 465 million and a profit after tax of DKK 5.2 million. SUN-AIR Aviation Group transported a total of 163,850 passengers in the financial year 2017/18 and has a total fleet of 28 aircraft as of today.

Execution of the strategy

In 2019, the SUN-AIR Aviation Group will focus on utilizing the unique position the company has found in its niches. SUN-AIR's partnership with British Airways continues to evolve and has recently opened yet another German domestic route; Friedrichshafen - Hamburg. In addition, a new route will open; Bremen - Toulouse in the first quarter of 2019. SUN-AIR will re-position the JoinJet brand and more clearly communicate the professionalism, punctuality, warmth, smiling and personal service experienced in the air and on the ground through our " private jet experience boutique ". The ambulance flight segment has seen a positive development since its establishment, therefore in 2019 it will become a separate business unit under its own new brand.

The smile continues

"We will be true to our mission, First Class for Everyone, delivered with a smile, because this is where we differentiate ourselves. 2018 has been a tough year due to fluctuating fuel prices, currency rates and, not least, an unpredictable CO2 quota price for the aviation industry, that has also left their mark with 8 bankruptcies including Germania being the most recent,” says Kristoffer Sundberg.

What is the SUN-AIR Aviation Group?

The SUN-AIR Aviation Group embraces various business units, which are: SUN-AIR (scheduled flights), SUN-AIR Technic (Flight Maintenance & Spare Parts), JoinJet (VIP & ad-hoc flights), and ambulance flights that will become a separate brand.