SUN-AIR presents 42 years of consecutive surplus

SUN-AIR has presented its latest financial statement. It means 42 years of positive figures and a plus factor in an airline industry under a lot of pressure.

The airline industry is under a lot of pressure these days. Constantly increasing CO2 charges and an increasing Dollar makes it more and more difficult for the different airline companies to keep their noses above water – and especially making a surplus. This is also why it is so impressive, when SUN-AIR’s CEO Kristoffer Sundberg proudly presents the company’s 42nd surplus. In a row, that is.

”SUN-AIR’s financial year 2018/19 is quite acceptable, considering the current condition in the industry. It goes without saying that it’s noticeable when the CO2 quota prices have increased by 18% compared to last year and the Dollar has increased by 6%, but we are very certain that we have the right strategy, and this can be seen in the nice surplus. Concretely, SUN-AIR has presented a net turnover of DKK 491 million and a profit after tax of a bit more than DKK 9.3 million. This is a considerable improvement compared to last year when the net turnover was DKK 465 million and the profit after tax DKK 5.2 million”.

A success proven strategy
In future SUN-AIR Aviation Group will focus on following the past years’ success proven strategy. The company has been lucky to find relatively small niches that in return have been exploited fully. As an example, the cooperation with British Airways continues to develop, and have in 2018/19 amounted in three new routes i.e. Bodensee-Hamburg, Bodensee-Toulouse and Bremen-Toulouse.

The subsidiary JoinJet has also experienced success with their focus on developing a “private jet experience boutique”. With professionalism, punctuality, warmth and personal service JoinJet has been able to create a strong brand in an otherwise diverse business.

The ambulance flight segment has since the start seen a positive development, therefore in 2019/20 it will become a separate business unit under its own new brand, SmuuthCare.

The aircraft fleet has been restructured as well. A Hawker 4000 has been added to the fleet and on the other hand spare parts and a few aircraft have been sold. This has resulted in a lighter, more mobile fleet, and a smiling CEO who announces that SUN-AIR aims for another good year in 2019/20:

”We will remain true to our mission “First Class for Everyone” delivered with a smile, because this is where we differentiate ourselves. 2018/19 has been a tough year with fluctuating fuel prices and currency rates and, not least, increasing CO2 quota prices. We, however, have faith in our strategy, and expect 2019/20 to be just as good as last year.” – Kristoffer Sundberg.

About Sun-Air Aviation Group
The SUN-AIR Aviation Group embraces various business units, which are: SUN-AIR (scheduled flights), SUN-AIR Technic (Aircraft Maintenance & Spare Parts), JoinJet (VIP & ad-hoc flights), and ambulance flights that will become a separate brand.