New generation in SUN-AIR

SUN-AIR has spent the last two years gearing up for the future. 

A new generation is in place, with Kristoffer Sundberg taking over as CEO, and owner and founder Niels Sundberg staying on as board member and main shareholder in SUN-AIR. 

Kristoffer has been a part of the business almost all his life, and is a trained pilot. He also built up SUN-AIR's ad hoc charter division under the JOINJET brand with considerable success, and has been in training as the next group CEO for the last two years. 

Kristoffer and Niels Sundberg have jointly mapped out the strategy and development of the business. 

The airline industry has always been turbulent, but SUN-AIR has consistently proved to be extremely resilient, ensuring continuous operations now for more than 40 years. 

"We have never been tempted by delusions of grandeur. In fact, we've always been proud of being 'Smaller, Smarter & Smiling', focusing on ensuring first-class service for our passengers with a natural approach to hard work, flexibility and change throughout the entire organisation", says Kristoffer Sundberg and continues "We feel convinced that the strong DNA of our business can take us far into the future, and to new heights".

Welcome on board the SUN-AIR of the future.