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We fly direct from Toulouse to Bremen

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Our highest priority is to bring you an exceptional experience at every stage of your journey. We therefore offer a full in-flight service on every scheduled flight, which means your meals, snacks, drinks and newspapers are all included in your fare, as well as one item of baggage, hand baggage and, of course, excellent service.

Bremen is Germany's oldest maritime town and located at the Weser river. It may be 1200 years old, but the Hanseatic town is a thriving hub, offering several great sights for visitors, including the Bremer Ratskeller, St. Petri Cathedral and the Focke Museum. The city’s 600-year-old town hall is included on UNESCO’s world heritage list, along with the statue of the knight Roland, which stands proudly outside. Also popular with visitors is the bronze statue of the Town Musicians of Bremen, made famous by the Brothers Grimm fairy tale.

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The Altstadt area welcomes visitors with its charming atmosphere, along with the Schnoor historic market place, the city’s oldest neighbourhood. The unusual architecture of the traditional Böttcherstraße and Bremen Cathedral is also worth a look.

Shopping is another pastime for Bremen visitors and locals alike, with an array of shopping streets, scenic squares and department stores to choose from. Fairgrounds appear regularly across the town – the Ischa Freimakk, which opens in October, is the most famous and has entertained visitors for nearly 1000 years. Find out more about the market at here.

The town's most popular neighborhood is die Schlachte, a newly designed promenade area along the Weser River. For many years, ships unloaded cargo here using huge jib cranes made of wood. Although die Schlachte lost its importance as the town's harbour about a 100 years ago, there are numerous cafes and restaurants to enjoy in the area. There are charming beer gardens and summer restaurants not far from the centre, along with picturesque views of the water.

The Bremen Harbour continues to play an important role in the city, with the river Weser wide enough to allow access to even large ships. Together with its neighbour Bremerhaven, Bremen forms Germany’s largest export port and also boasts a large shipbuilding industry.

Bremen is also a major industrial town in areas, with industries in auto manufacturing, aerospace and aircraft. Germany's largest exporter of beer, the Becks brewery, also has its headquarters in Bremen.

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