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Fly direct from Billund to Brussels

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We fly direct between Billund and Brussels.

We connect Jutland with the Belgian capital twice a day. It is easy to reach the city center from Brussels Airport, because the distance is only approximately 12 km. From the airport to reach the center of Brussels you can take the bus, train or taxi. If you wish to rent a car, you can book it from home so that it is ready when you step out of the airport's arrival hall.

Brussels is the city that has gone from a subtle existence on the international stage to becoming a true European center of power. This is the headquarters of NATO and the EU.

Brussels is also a city that caters to tourists, and it is known not only for its role as host of the EU, but also for Belgian quality beer and chocolate. In Brussels you can eat delicious French food in German portions, visit the Comics Art Museum and stroll on the Grand Place - one of Europe's most beautiful squares - which is famous for its pompous 17th century facades with imaginative decorations. The oldest and most beautiful building is Brussel’s Town Hall with the 96-meter-high slightly sloping spire. At the top of the spire is a statue of Archangel Saint Michel, who is the patron saint of Brussels.

Also experience the famous Manneken Pis - the small statue of a peeing boy, or one of the many museums with art by masters such as Bruegel, Cranach and Rubens, and just twenty kilometers from the city is Waterloo - the battlefield where Napoleon was defeated. Brussels is a charming experience regardless of the length of your trip.

If you want to take a closer look at the political life of the EU capital, you can visit the European Parliament's visitor center. The center has free access for both children and adults and guides are available in all 24 official languages of the European Union. See more here .

At the Horta Museum you can visit the architect Horta's own home, who was one of Brussels' greatest architects of all time and the greatest in art nouveau. Horta, who has constructed several beautiful buildings in Brussels, including the Tassel House, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage List, was a master of detail, and he certainly did not turn down the creativity in his own home, where shelves, wardrobes and all the furniture were created by the master himself. The Horta Museum is a half-hour tram ride from the city center.

Brussels is extremely multicultural. More than half of the 1.1 million inhabitants are of non-Belgian origin, and here are over 45 different nationalities. Matongé is Brussels' African entertainment district. Here you can find inventive Afro hairdressers, specialty shops with colorful textiles and beer brewed on banana - and then there are dozens of restaurants and bars, where you, among other things, can hear Nigerian pop music or jungle drums. Matongé is named after a neighborhood in the Congolese capital, Kinshasa, and the city from which a large part of Brussels's African population originates.

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