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We fly direct from Friedrichshafen to Toulouse 3 times a week

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Providing exceptional service to our passengers is our top priority. We therefore offer full in-flight services on all our flights, including meals, snacks and drinks, newspapers, one item of baggage, hand baggage and excellent service.  

Toulouse-Blagnac Airport is well connected to the public transportation network. Among others, the tramway offers direct access from the airport to Toulouse city center. For the time schedule, visit the airport webpage.

Toulouse is the capital of the region of Occitanie and is an essential stopover in the heart of south west France. Once the capital of the Visigothic Kingdom and now the capital of the Aerospace industry, Toulouse invites you to explore its history of 2000 years. You can find a Roman Basilica, discrete mansion houses with an imposing doorway converted into industrial buildings, façades with astonishing terracotta decor, a hidden courtyard or hear the murmur of a fountain. Guide yourself through quarters that blend history and modernity. It is definitely a city with rich heritage.

Toulouse is also undoubtedly the city closest to the stars. When we say “the city has its head in the clouds” it doesn’t mean that it has given into daydreaming, but because it is the European capital of the aeronautics and space industry, the home of knowledge and achievements that have given the world food for thought: the Éole aircraft by Clément Ader, the A380 or the Concorde, and also the conquest of Space. Upon visiting Toulouse, your first steps will lead you to the Airbus assembly line or the Aeroscopia Museum, where you can see the legendary aircraft and on to the theme park Cité de l'Espace, where you can experience weightlessness.

With its unique architectures of pink terracotta bricks, Toulouse earned the nickname la Ville Rose ("the Pink City"). It owns two UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the Canal du Midi , and the Basilica of Saint Sernin, the largest remaining Romanesque building in Europe.

A stone’s throw from the Pyrenees and the Mediterranean, Toulouse is ideally located in the south west of France. Occitanie is the perfect destination for both nature lovers and history buffs. The variety of landscapes is rivalled only by the incredible diversity of cultures: Canal du Midi, Carcassonne and its castle, nautical jousting in Sète, foie gras from Gers, world’s largest winemaking region, ski holidays in the Pyrenees, and much much more.

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