Special baggage

Sports equipment


Sports goods  

Sports goods are charged as extra baggage if the total number of bags exceeds the baggage allowance. Sports goods include golfing equipment, skis and bicycles. Read more about carrying sports goods here. 

Note: Skis will not be accepted on selected flights. Please double check before your travel.


To comply with government embargoes and restrictions, you must call our ticket office on tel. +45 75 33 16 11 at least 72 hours before your flight if you intend to travel with firearms or ammunition.

If you fail to notify us you will not be able to travel with your equipment. 

You will be asked to specify:
• the quantity of firearms you wish to transport
• the type (handgun, rifle, shotgun)
• the make/model and calibre
• the quantity (in weight) and calibre of ammunition


All passengers intending to travel with firearms or ammunition must ensure they have the required documentation and licences for them. This includes export and import licenses and authorisation from local and national authorities. 

Check in: 

You must arrive at the check-in desk at least two hours before your flight to allow sufficient time to process the paperwork and clear security. Groups or individuals travelling with 10 or more firearms or boxes of ammunition must allow at least three hours. 

Note: Firearms will not be accepted on selected flights. Please double check before your travel. 

Please make sure to contact our ticket office well in advance when you wish to travel with firearms.