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As part of our renowned in-flight experience, we serve excellent South African wine from Dornier on board.

Dornier Wines is owned by a German family who own a unique vineyard and restaurant. The Dornier family dates back to the 13th century and were originally aircraft manufacturers. Christoph Dornier moved to Stellenbosch South Africa when in 1995 he established Dornier Wines. Today the estate is run by the younger generation of the same family.

Dornier is situated on ancient red and yellow granite with a high clay content that keeps the roots of the vines moist and cool. The mountain’s high altitude traps the cool Atlantic breezes, extending the ripening period of the grapes and and intensifying each wine’s flavour.



Dornier Wines now comprises five farms with a total of 180 hectares of vineyards, which supplied grapes to the family's first vintage in 2002. Today Dornier Wines produces three different types of wine: Donatus, Dornier Stellenbosch and Cocoa Hills.


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