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Ice Cream

Serving Premier Is ice cream for dessert is a tradition on board our flights and is a favourite among our customers.

Dairy since 1933

Premier Is ice cream is produced in Thisted by one of the oldest remaining dairies in Denmark. For over 80 years the company’s ice cream makers have maintained strong traditions of craftsmanship and exceptional quality ingredients, including whipped cream. The dairy  was founded as a small dairy in 1933, originally supplying Thisted with milk, cream and butter, as well as freshly made ice cream. Sigurd Laurids Sørensen, the company’s original ice cream maker, insisted onusing only the finest fresh cream and gradually the dairy was expanded to keep up with demand. To this day, the dairy store building, known as"Mejerigaarden", is situated in Thisted with a view over the beautiful shores of the fiord Limfjorden. The ice cream makers continue to take pride in their craft, carefully selecting, balancing and blending the ingredients to ensure both the ice cream and ice lollies are truly exceptional.



Old-fashioned Ice cream (dairy ice cream)

Inspired by old fashioned ice cream, Permier Is developed using traditional Danish recipes, with the finest quality whipped cream and no artificial colours, it is expertly blended to bring out the delicious flavours and creamy texture. The ice cream of the ‘good old days.’