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During the journey you can enjoy our full in-flight experience including our friendly and attentive service. Everything is included, from meals that suit your travel schedule to the daily newspaper, and of course always accompanied by the drinks of your choice. Just sit back and relax in the comfortable, hand-sewn leather seats and enjoy the ride.


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Inaugural Flight Friedrichshafen Toulouse

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SUN-AIR not affected by possible BA strike

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SUN-AIR Friedrichshafen - Toulouse

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Smaller, Smarter & Smiling. Aviation is our passion.

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Our guests who fly Y- / B- class or are Executive Club Silver and Gold can use the lounges for free.

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How much luggage?

Find out more about bagage, liquids, as well as banned and restricted items.

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Small and medium-sized companies can save money on their travel budgets by our loyalty programme.

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With efficiency and flexibility, we provide the highest level of customer service and ensure the highest level of passenger safety.

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