Claude Honoré Desiré Dornier

Claude Honoré Desiré Dornier was born in the South German town of Kempten on 14 May 1884. In the 1920s he designed and built a number of aircraft that were revolutionary because they were made almost entirely out of metal.


The Do Merkur achieved seven world records: Roald Amundsen set out for the North Pole in a Do Wal in 1925, and the Do X made history as the largest flying boat of its time. Dornier designed over 100 different types of aircraft over the span of his career, and because many of them were produced abroad, he gained international fame early on. After his death on 5 December 1969, ownership of the Dornier Group passed to his widow and six sons.


Since 2005 the Dornier 328 jet has been part of our fleet and is a twin-engine jet.

The aircraft was introduced in 1991 as turboprop, and until 2004, a total of 110 aircraft of the jet type were manufactured. The aircraft seats up to 32 passengers and is operated by two pilots.


Our Dornier 328 jet aircraft has spacious cabins with comfortable leather seats for an exceptional flying experience.



Max. 11,000 m


Max. 720 km/h


Max. 2,500 km









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Seat pitch

29 -32"

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