Travel essentials

Between checking in your baggage and boarding your flight, you will be asked to present photo identification.


Travelling in Scandinavia


Citizens of the Nordic countries do not need a passport when travelling within the Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Norway and Iceland). 

However, you should still always carry some sort of identification such as a driving licence or social security card.


Travelling within the Schengen countries 


Denmark is a member of the Schengen cooperation to make it easy for customers to travel between certain countries. You will not usually need to present your passport when travelling between Schengen member countries, but will still need to carry one as identification when requested.


Outside Schengen

On international flights you must always bring the documents that are required in the country that you are travelling to. These documents must clearly state which nationality you are.

The documents could be: 

  • passport
  • visa
  • exit permit
  • vaccination certificate
  • electronic travel authority (Australien)
  • ESTA (USA)

Contact your destination country's embassy or consulate in Denmark for more information on your destination. See the Foreign Ministry's website for detailed instructions about travelling abroad.

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